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Welcome Panel for Attendees

Meet the CWC and Wood WORKS! hosts and moderators of the Wood Solutions Conference

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Kelly Alvarez Doran, OAA, MRAIC, Associate Director, White Arkitekter  

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Mass Timber Demonstration Fire Test Project: An Overview

Marc Alam, B.Eng, EIT, Manager, Codes & Standards – Fire and Acoustics, Canadian Wood Council This seminar will give an overview of a series of large-scale demonstration fire tests on mass timber structures. This Mass Timber Demonstration Fire Test Project (MTDFTP) includes two separate series of tests: pilot-scale testing conducted in Vancouver Summer 2021, and…

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Turning Buildings into Carbon Sinks

Chris Magwood Director, Builders for Climate Action Can buildings become sites of durable carbon storage? The answer is yes, but the accounting for stored carbon needs work and the most promising materials are not yet mainstream. This presentation shows us how we can address all of these issues.  

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Bruno Moser, Architekt, Archimos  

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